Monday, August 4, 2014

"una otra semana gloriosa en la costa..."

Hola mi familia y mis amigos,

How is everyone doing? enjoying the summer sunshine? Que suerte because down here it rained a ton and because my area is just a big field next to the beach with sand for streets it turned into a swamp. Our bikes were practiaclly useless (yeah we got new bikes) so we were playing crocodile hunter in ties trying to cross our area to visit people. Also because we have searched out almost all of the list that lives close to us we are starting to go deeper into our area and look for new people so we are ridding like 14 km on our bikes to find people and if we cant use the bikes, on foot. I weigh the same as i did before my mission but now my jeans that i had before that i use for service now are getting a little closer to skinny jeans on my thighs because of my leg muscles after so much biking.

This week went pretty well. We had some pretty solid lessons with some less actives that we found. I can tell all of you with a surety that God listens to our prayers, especially to those of little children. The little girl that wanted to be baptized and came to us has been praying for her dad to stop smoking and come back to church and this man, who never wanted anything to do with us, agreed to meet with us and we had a really spiritual lesson and he was at church yesterday which was a miracle. 

Some cool stuff from the week: on our way to church yesterday we saw an old guy trying to kill another guy with a shovel. That was a fun time. Its a good thing the old guy was old and couldn´t run. Also we had Elder Merkley and Elder Rachummi with us for lunch the other day and we made some slop. Elder Merkly wanted some picante so he started to cook a jalepeƱo. He didnt know how though so he cut it all up and let out all the liquid inside and then it evaporated and the picante gas spread thoughout our whole pench and we all felt like we got pepper sprayed and were crying. it was a good time hahaha Well i hope everyone has a good week!

Elder Whitaker

ps.  The title of this blog he wrote says "another glorious week in La Costa".

p.p.s  Ty wrote me a special little note that made my week!  "You probably thought I wouldn´t remember but....HAPPYBIRTHDAY Mom!  I don´t remember how old you are either so i can´t make a good joke but i wanted to wish you a happy birthday. I went down to the beach with my new comp and took this picture for you! thats a genuine Argentina sunrise right there! I hope you have a really good week! I love you so much! Its crazy that it has been so long that i have been away from you but i owe you a big birthday hug when I'm back. I hope all the jackwagons are nice to you for your birthday! 

Love you!

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