Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"It's the best to be sharing this message that blesses the lives of others so much...."

Hola mi familia y mis amigos,

It was an awesome week. I´m definitely enjoying my time in Km 26 and as a missionary in general. Its the best to be sharing this message that blesses the lives of others so much. I couldnt even believe it when i looked at the calendar and saw that in exactly a year from now I will be on a plane to go home. Its so crazy how time passes.It makes me think about what I have done with this last year, and what I want to do with this next one. Im grateful that I can look back at this last year without regrets, and Im so grateful that i still have a year left to be a missionary. I still have a lot more people to help.

This week was a good one. It was a little more tranquilo than last week. I am getting to know my new area a little better. We are working hard to find new people. Its a little harder to contact here because there are certain places we cant go in the nights because its pretty dangerous but we make do. hahaha i found out imthe 3rd american here in the last 10 years. Its all good though. Bad stuff only happens when you dont follow the rules. I have been tranquilo here. 

We meet all kinds of people here. Here in argentina it is a custom to greet people with "besos" (kisses on the cheek) as missionaries we dont do that but there will always bee people that get mad when you dont give them besos. This week the mom of this one girl we are teaching came and met us to listen to usa as well and she wanted to give me besos and just went for it. It was pretty weird and then shewas making fun of me for going all rigid haha. We met a guy that diciplines his kids by telling them that if they dont behave pepé the frog is going to eat them, and the best part is that these little girls believe it. I had to hide my face in a lesson we had with this family when we asked if we could say the prayer and the little girl said no. The dad just starts calling, "Pepé!!!!" and then she screamed and behaved. Good parenting. I might have to break that one out on my kids one day hahaha.

Well lately we have been meeting a lot of people that are really firm in their beliefs. I have strengthened my testimony of the book of mormon. It is such an inspìred book, written for us. We had an awesome lesson the other day with a catholic woman (the one who wanted to besarme) about the Book of Mormon. She is very firm in her beliefs but we explained the book or mormon to her and then gave her the challenge, "Pray and find out if this book is the truth. If it is, then there are prophets on the earth again and this is the church of jesus christ restored to the earth. If its not the truth, then its all a lie. Whats the harm with asking God for yourself." I know that this Book is true. I know that this woman and anyone else who wants to know, will recieve an answer from the holy spirit that this book is from God if they study it and ask with faith. I invite anybody not of my faith to take the challenge from the bible in James 1:5. Ask God, He wont lie to you. 

Well i hope all is well back home! thank you all for your prayers!

Elder Whitaker

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