Wednesday, April 1, 2015

"It has been so cool to see the changes in them".

Hola mi familia y mis amigos!
¿como están todos? I hope you guys are all having a good spring break! Im enjoying fall down here in Argentina. It definitly cooled off a bunch. Im going to start freezing in a bit!
Well this week was awesome! we were able to have the baptism of norma and Ian! it was sweet. WHen they came out of the water Norma said, " this is the best choice I have made!" It has been so cool to see the changes in them! 

Well im beginning my last week with Elder Altamirano. He goes home to chile next week because his 2 years are up. It is weird to see that. Its crazy that now i only have 6 months left. Especially knowing that I´ll be attending BYU Hawaii and kinda knowing what will be happening after the mission its kinda weird!
Well I hope everyone has a fantastic Easter this weekend! I hope everyone can take the time to pause and remember why we have Easter.  The Church made a video about Christ and what he did for us. Its short, like 3 min but its super good! watch it! This message has changed everything in my life for the better. I know its true. Here is the link.
Have a good week!
Elder Whitaker

This sweet boy's face is so precious.  It makes me so happy Ty is in Argentina, serving the people there!

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