Tuesday, November 12, 2013

...My last email from America!

Hola mi Familia y mis Amigos!

At Provo Temple with companions
Well this is my last email from America! I got my travel plans and I leave the MTC at 6 on monday and I will land In Buenos Aires at 8:00am the next day. I'm so stoked right now! Stoked and a little scared but mostly stoked! I will be leaving the coldness in Utah and going to the beginning of summer in Argentina which isn't to shabby! Well this week has been a good one! Lots of things happening and keeping me busy! My district is now the oldest in the Zone! Que Fuerte! I felt like I was just getting off the bus and looking at the zone leaders and being like dang they are so experienced! Now thats me. My friends in the older district are gone now and mis companeros and I are now the Zone leaders. Pretty weird. I miss the old district though! I made some good friends in there and it was sad to see them go! I got to see some friends and make some friends this week though! I saw Elder Wyatt Corbin for the last time on sunday before he left for mexico, I got to spend some more time with one of my best friends Elder Jared Barton and I got to talk to one of my new friends I made just before i left Hermana Jordy Zimmerman! I love seeing friends in the MTC just because it is so cool to see the change that happens with us together and to know that I'm not the only one leaving my whole life behind! Its so awesome!

I learned a lot to. My companions and I are at the point where we can communicate and arent fumbling over our words to bad, we arent Shakespeares but we can communicate which is a miracle in itself. But now that we are able to communicate we have really been working on our teaching ability. It was super frustrating and humbling to me to not be able to teach a good lesson for my life. we weren't progressing with those we were teaching at all and it made me so mad. As I went throughout the week I really humbled myself and realized that I was trying to rely to much on my own abilities and not on the help of God. I truly realized that on my own I am weak. As we went through the week though we really targeted what we needed to do and let the spirit work through us and we saw a miracle in how our teaching changed. If we are humble God truly will help us overcome our trials and help us succeed. Im glad to have learned this lesson now before I get to Argentina. I am so lucky to have such great teachers like Hermana Gibson and Hermano Serrato! They have the spirit with them so strong and I hope to be able to become like them during my mission.

Its going to be so crazy being on the other side of the world in less than a week. It seems so far away. If you look on the globe I'm on the exact opposite side of the world of one of my best buddies, Elder Max Moncur! Start digging Max hahaha! The toilets will flush the opposite way and it will be summer. It will be a fun little jump to get two summers in a row! I miss all of you and wish you all the best! Write me! If you write me at the MTC now it wont get to me for a while... so send me a Dear Elder, email me, of send a letter down to argentina. there is also this thing called pouch mail where you send a letter to Salt Lake and then the Church will send it down to me. I will have my mom get instructions for that up! Well, Hasta Luego! Next time you hear from me I'll be in Argentina!

Con amor, Elder Tyler Whitaker

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