Thursday, April 17, 2014

"...some tough points, but I love my mission more every day."

Hola mi familia y mis amigos!

This week was super crazy. We had some really good points and some tough points too but i love my mission more every day. Its awesome to be out here serving. This week was kinda hard because there arent a lot of people recieving us. a lot of rejection and stuff like that. We have out 3 solid people we are teaching that are progressing a lot, but after that we dont really have much. There have been days when all of our plans bail on us and we are out there in the cold for the last 3 hours of the day till 9 clapping doors trying to find somebody that will hear us and that is sometimes hard to handle. Me and Elder Granados have a little fun with it to liven up the day but still it gets a little hard. one of the encounters in the door we had was pretty awesome. It was a 50 year old man and when we introduced ourselves and asked his name. He thought he was super clever and said " i dont have a name" and without missing a beat my comp in his joking voice said, " en serio?!" (seriously). It was super funny bucause the guy realized he was dumb and chuckled a little and then slammed the dorr in our faces. Its little things like that that make clapping doors more fun. We actually found a super good investigator that was looking for some kind of sign about fiding a direction in her life and we felt like we should clap one more house before calling it quits and heading home and we found her and had a mini lesson on her door step. Our little reward for our faithfulness.

Well i found out that im going to be white washing the other half of the rama im in now, called san clemente. super funny because i feel like im going home because im at san clemente on the beach. but yeah for these next 3 weeks ill be in a trio jumping back and forth between my area i have now and the one i need to learn for next transfer. I dont know if my comp will stay with me or if ill be whitewashing solo with a new comp that doesnt know anything about the area but it will be an adventure. 

Well i hope everybody has a good easters. I hope that everybody can take time to remember what the significance of that day is. It is the day that our savior, Jesus Christ, completed his sacrafice, his atonement for us. I testify that he, in truth did sacrafice his life so that we could be made free. I testify that he lives and because of that, we will all live again. I testify that only though him can we recieve all of the blessings that our father in heaven has for us.

Hasta la próxima semana!

Elder Whitaker

p.s.  whitewashing an area means that in the new area he is going to, both of the missionaries will be new to the area.  Usually, when missionaries are transferred at the end of 6 weeks, 1 stays and 1 goes.  That way the one who stays knows the area and the people, and the needs of the area.  When Ty gets transferred to San Clemente in 3 weeks, both he and his companion will be new to the area.  So, he is spending some time with the missionaries in San Clemente now to learn the area, comprende?

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