Monday, April 7, 2014

"I am learning so much and changing..."

Hola mi familia y mis amigos!

I hope you all had a good week and enjoyed general conference! This week was awesome and Im loving my time down here in argentina. I am learning so much and changing to become somebody better. Its been 6 months since i left home and I am starting to notice the difference that the mission is having on me. For one thing, mom i know you will love this, I am actually starting to be organized. I dont know what happened but i am a lot more organized now. I love studying. Befopre my mission i never studied for school and i felt like if i studied the scriptures for like 30 min that i was doing super good. Now i can´t get enough I have my 2 hours in the morning and language study and now i wish that i had more. also this transfer now that i have 6 months, i am done studying in english. All my scripture study and everything is all in spanish now and i found that i understand it good. I am reading the book of mormon now in spanish and im not losing any of the meaning and its awesome! You can read the scriptures a thousand times and still get something new out of them. I now dont like down time. I used to like having some time to relax in the pench before i went to bed and stuff but now i find myself bored if im not out working. Its so weird because i always had in my mind what i liked to do, but now that im out here serving others 100% of the time its changing me, and for the better.

This week went  super good. I´ll start with who we are teaching. We had a slow week this week but the lessons we taught made up for it. quality over quantity. one woman we are teaching, Rosa, had been hearing from the missionaries about a year ago but she stopped listening. We started teaching her again and we commited her to be baptized last week. She was tentative but when we taught her the other day she talked to us about how she had felt the spirit during out lesson and she had prayed and she felt good about the decision to be baptized! It is one of the best things in the world to hear that and makes it worth all the people that have rejected you! We also are moving along really well with Luis and Nahuel. They are studs. They have had such hard challenges that make anything that I or anybody else has expirienced look easy but they are seeing how this message can help them have a better life. They went to conference and really liked it. Conference was super awesome! I used to think when i was little about how hard it was to watch two hours of talks, but now that I realized who these men are, the prophet and apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ, their words mean so much to me and i have learned so much from them. I encourage everybody to go and read the talks again and study them and you will learn a ton. 

Well life is good here in Santa Teresita. I hope alñl is well with all of you.

Elder Whitaker

ps Ty has asked for recipes because he has to learn to make dinner, the custom down there is to eat 2 meals, breakfast & lunch, and he is hungry at night, especially after walking much of the day.  Those empanadas are looking pretty good!

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