Tuesday, November 11, 2014

"I'm so happy I can be out here consecrating my life to the Lord..."

Hola mi familia y mis amigos!

Ty & Lautauro on baptism day.
Well this week was awesome! I love being a missionary so much. I feel like before i was just scratching the surface. Now with our work and obedience God is opening up the paths for us. We had people call us saying they want to be baptized, awesome contacts, new families to teach and a baptism.

We baptized Lautauro on saturday. It was awesome. He is just a kid but he is such a stud. He was prepared by God so that we could help reactivate his family. He chose me to baptize him and when we came out he told me how he felt the spirit was with him and how he felt really good. He´s so cool. and now the rest of his family is active and hoperfully we will be able to baptize his dad. 

Well I am almost out of time but I just want you guys all to know that missionary work is the best. i got some letters this week and it was from people back home about some future stuff and i was thinking in the bus about how fast time is passing and what is happening with my friends back home and all the decisions i am going to have to make back home, but then a mamá and her 2 year old little daughter sat next to me on the bus and i did a contact with them and i just rememeber feeling so awesome to be out her just sharing the best messagein the world. I felt super grateful to be out here and to not have to worry about the future right now. Im so happy i can be out here consecrating my life to the Lord. Its the best.

Elder Whitaker
Ty was challenged by a family to eat this "Suprasandwich" in 1 hour.  He did it...and fasted for 2 days after, he was so sick.
Ty, and his district on Pday
Ty exploring on pday

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