Tuesday, November 25, 2014

"I'm going to show Elder Mamani a good Thanksgiving anyway...."

Hola mi familia y mis amigos!

Hows life? Im sure all of you are stoked to eat turkey and mashed potatoes and pie and all that good stuff, but sadly that doesnt exist it argentina. Its all good though I think I´m going to show elder mamani a good thanksgiving anyway.

These last two weeks have been crazy! a lot of awesome stuff and some sad stuff too. To start with the awesome... Last week we got to have a mission conference to hear from Elder Russell M. Nelson from the quorum of the 12 apostles wish was awesome! I got to shake his hand and hear him talk personally to us. It was amazing and the spirit was super strong there. It was incredible. I know that he is a prophet. 

We have been working really well with the ward. we have 4 people with baptisimal dates right now which is awesome. We are using a lot of the youth that are preparing to go on missions to visit people which has been really awesome. The work here in Km is the best.

This last sunday the 1st councilor called me out of gosple principles and assigned me a talk for sacrament meeting (sacrament meeting is the last hour here in km so that gave me like less than an hour to prepare) i basically just gave a talk out of inspiration for 15 min and it was awesome. What I needed to say to help the branch just came to me and it went super well. Its crazy how much I have grown on the mission because I was a horrible public speaker and could barely talk for 5 min before and now i can do 15 easy in a different language. The Lord is awesome for taking people like me and making us so much better than we were before.

Our zone got drafted into just about every single choir in Florencio Varela for christmas so basically sundays we dont even work we just sing. I feel like im in primary program again... 

some sad news. one of the less active guys we were working with who has 17 passed away. It was super sad. He was making a ton of progress but stuff happens. Its conforting to know about God´s plan for us and what happens after death. I hope we can help console the family this next week.

well have a good thanksgiving! 

Elder Whitaker

One area of Ty's area is especially poor.  Ty wanted me to show this picture to his brothers and sister so they can be grateful for their blessings.

Ty and some companions struck up a friendly game of ball with some Argentinos.

Don't know who won, but they enjoyed it-on P day.

The nice thing about being in the big city, is there are fun things to do...

Here is his zone at a bowling alley on P day.

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