Monday, February 17, 2014

"Finding people and bringing them closer to our Savior"

Hola mi familia y mis amigos!

Ty & Elder Cavallo

Ty & Mari- first person he gave a Book of Mormon

This week was awesome. It started out slow but it ended up really well. My new comp is pretty cool and the area is going well.

At the beginning of the week I was kinda bummed out. Elder carvallo had to leave which was sad and getting used to a new companion always takes a little bit. Also I´m acting like the senior comp because i know the area. Without my extra studies for my training i have more time to work to so I was feeling like I didnt know how to fill the extra time we have with less people to teach. Some of the first couple days were a lot of walking in the sun not feeling productive which is a terrible feeling. 

I knew that i needed to keep a positive attitude and not get down on myself and luckly we picked it up. I started making better friends with my new comp and we got towork. We focused on finding new people and we found more this week than any other week in my mission. We found 6 new people and taught them with 4 others that we have appointments with this week that comes. We set a baptisimal date with one of them the first night we taught him which was awesome and we also found a lady that had been taught one lesson in the past but didnt have time to hear the Elders but she felt like reading the whole book of mormon which here, is unheard of because a lot of people in our area dont read very well. You could say we were feeling pretty good at the end of the week!

Well thats my week. Finding people and bringing them closer to our Savior. Love you all! Keep writing!  

Elder Tyler Whitaker
Ty & his comp soaking wet!

Movie night!!
Manuel, the Bishop's son
Ty captioned this pic "Merica"
Holiness to the Lord.  The House of God.
Ty & comps enjoying dinner at a member's.
The family Zarate

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  1. Tyler, We are so proud of you! Sounds like you're having a great time!
    Uncle Barry