Monday, February 10, 2014

"I'm starting my 4th of 16 transfers on my mission...."

Hola mi familia y mis amigos!

This past week was crazy, but it was a super good week and a good way to wrap up my 2nd transfer in Argentina. Now that my first two transfers are done,  I can do anything now. Its weird because time is going super fast. I´m starting my 4th of the 16 transfers I have in my mission. Its pretty weird but I love life down here in Argentina.

Well this week we were ridiculously busy. We got to make a trip to the temple with the other missionaries in my district this week which was super fun! The temple is awesome and so beautiful. I have a bunch of cool pics but the computer I´m at wont let me send any. The only thing was that we had to get up at 430 in the morning to get there on time!

Also this week we planned a ward activity. It was a movie night in the capilla! We went all out so it was pretty sweet. We made a make shift screen and borrowed a projector from a member so it was pretty much regal cinemas of Argentina. We had popcorn and all that good stuff as well. One of the Elders mom sent him Ephraim´s Rescue which is a super awesome story about the pioneers. It like a 2nd part of 17 Miracles if any of you have seen that. It is an incredible story and I recomend that you watch it. We had a good turn out so it was good.

Saturday we had the baptism of Mari! She was so excited it was awesome. We had some really good lessons with her this week. It was the best to hear her tell me that she is never going to forget the feeling she has felt as she has been learning and taking steps to follow the Savior. Thats about as good as it gets when one of the people you are teaching promises you that. The baptism was awesome and right after the ward had a temple trip so we took her to that. Baptism and temple in one day. pretty awesome no?

The weather was crazy this week. We thought at one point we were going to get flooded. There were certain penches in the mission that had 40cm of water in them. I was riding my bike through water calf deep on friday which was a pretty cool expirience. 

We had transfers this week. Elder Carvallo got called up as zone leader in another zone. I´m going to miss him. He taught me a lot. Im still with Elder Myers and Elder Perterson which is awesome though. My new comp is also from chile, And he seems pretty cool. Im excited to see how this next transfer will go. 

Well I love all of you and love to hear from you. Write me and let me know how you are doing. I realized how out of touch I am with everybody when i tried writing somebody the other day and I couldnt think of very many things to write. Crazy i have already been out 4 months. Hasta Luego.

Elder Whitaker

I wrote a note to Ty telling him how happy we were about Mari's baptism this was his response:

It was really awesome. I know what it means in D&C 18 when it talks about how great your joy will be to bring a soul to god. With her it was more than just a baptism where she is going to go inactive in a couple months. I feel like she will be strong throughout her llife which is awesome.
 I love you mama!

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