Thursday, February 6, 2014

"how awesome it was to see that the gospel had changed her life..."

Hola mi familia y mis amigas!

Sorry im a couple days late but things got messed up this week with having a trip to the temple so  my P-day is today. I dont have a ton of time to write today but I'll stick to the things that were important.

This past week we had so many things going on I dont even know where to start. I'll start with Mari. We had her baptisimal interview thisa past week and she passed. She was so nervous about it because she she was worried it was like a test even though its not, just to she if she has a testimony and knows the significance. I had to go teach another lesson before the interview was over with another missionary but when i returned and asked the other elders about her interview they told me what happened. When she got out she had passed and she has this smile that only Mari has and translation, " I'm very happy hermano, very happy" my comp as a joke asked if she was happy enough to jump up and down and she starteed jumping and clapping. If you knew mari you would know how funny it was but also how awesome it was to see that the gosple has changed her life that she is that happy. 

A story thats really cool is that she was the very first person I gave a Book of Mormon to in Argentina. Then she was a person in a hard place that didnt believe God was there to help her in her trials and that He didnt exist. In my broken, fresh from the MTC spanish, I told her that The Book of Mormon can help her because it has helped me. In that moment I didnt think anything had really gotten through to her. we stopped passing by her because she didnt want to hear our message, but what she told me the other day is that, that moment was a really big moment for her and she knew that she could find the answers in our message. Crazy to think that the Lord can work through a teenage boy, that couldn't even converse with the people, to touch the heart of sombody. Now Mari is a completely differnt and more happy person. She still has more trials than you guys can imagine but she is happy because she knows her purpose.

I just realized im am about out of time buty thats my cool story for the week. She chose me to baptize her so that will happen on sunday which will be pretty cool! 

Elder Whitaker
Ty wearing his Christmas present- Superman socks (I'm hoping he's polishing his shoes more often).
Ty & his companion, and two other elders
The Rondon family from Peru
Ty and his companions acting silly

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