Monday, March 3, 2014

"Todo tranqui aca en Argentina" or "All is well in Argentina"

Hola mi familia y mis amigos,
Todo tranqui acà en argentina. This week was a lot better than last week because we actually got to teach. Teaching always beats walking. Well this week we took out another 2 baptisimal dates which puts us at 5 people on the road to get baptized so thats awesome! the problem is, is that a lot of them are having difficulties progressing. They don´t feel the need to do anything more than just listen to us when we come over. They all like the spirit they feel when we teach but they don´t have the desires to get up a little earlier and go to church or read. That is always super dificult and its hard to not get frusterated because I know if they do these things they will be a lot happier but they can´t understand ntil they do something. Gustavo is having some dificulties with quiting smoking which is hard. He doesnt have it in his mind that he can do it, and until he has that mindset nothing will happen. we are going slow with him.
Well fun things that happened this week, We got to build two walls of a house out of bricks and cement. There isnt a cement mixer so we do it all by hand with shovels. Its a pretty good way to get jacked. It was pretty fun. Also they game the guys and I loved back home "what are the odds" has caught on in the pench so my comp and Elder Peterson and Elder Myers are having a good time with that. If they have orange jelly back in the states dont buy it. it is basura. We also taught a schizophenic lady that the other elders found. that was ... interesting. Well keep in touch. Love you guys. Im loving life out here serving the lord and serving the people of argentina.
Elder Whitaker
Ty has always loved dinosaurs!  I guess he found his way to a dino museum in Argentina

He captioned this, "Why do stegosaurus' get invited to so many dinner parties?" haha

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