Monday, March 31, 2014

There were points this week where I was thinking, "Dang, this is going to be a long transfer..."

Sunrise in Santa Teresita, Argentina
Hola mi familia y mis amigos,

All is well down here on the beach. This week was a challenge but it turned out really well! This place is kinda like newport beach/balboa close to the shore. A lot of tourist stuff and places to eat and cool stuff like that, but the thing is is that when its not summer practiaclly all of it is empty. When you get out farther from the beach its kinda like villa montoro becvause its a lot of fields but its just less people and all the streets are just sand pathways. Because its kinda empty out here its a bit of a challenge with the work. When i got here we didn´t really have any people we were teaching it was kinda hard to fill the day with things to do, but we went to work. 

There were points during this week where i was thinking, "dang this is going to be a long transfer" but luckily we found some fruits. We ended up finding 6 new investogators and we commited 3 of them to get baptized! It was super awesome! It goes to show what happens it you just put your shoulder down and go to work. In those points when i was feeling down i could feel the spirit there with me comforting me and telling me that if i keep working and dont let down my work ethic that we will have sucess and that brought me peace. Like it talks about with the sons of mosiah in Alma 26: 27-30. It was pretty sweet. Two of the guys we are teaching Luis and Nahuel are super awesome. They have both been through a lot of really hard stuff but its awesome to see how they are looking for the truth and how they just want to know how to find peace and that is exactly what this message brings.

The branch here is pretty cool! our president of branch is super awesome! Its like having Elder Calhoune from the best two years for a branch president! As his second concilor we had a leadership conference in another city in La Costa, Pinamar, and it was super cool because President Thurgood was talking to us. Our mission President is the best. So humble but he knows so much. I love learning from him. I also happened to see Hermana Jordan Engle, a friend from my stake, because pinamar is her area! it was pretty crazy to see somebody from back home! Atr church this week we had 39 which i think is pretty good for this branch and hopefully we can keep it growing. I got to go down to the beach twice this week which was pretty awesome. I can picture trey saying, "dude, i could be getting shacked on those waves" hahaha love ya little bro. Well im basically out of time. love you all!

Elder Whitaker
Ty eating a jellyfish...?

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