Tuesday, June 3, 2014

"I can't imagine a better way to use this past year of my life..."

Ty and some missionaries in his District
Hola mi familia y mis amigos!

How goes life back home? Its super weird for me to think that school is just about to get out up there and people are graduating and stuff! time goes so fast! I was chillin on my bed last night thinking about stuff and I realized that exactly a year ago I recieved my mission call to serve in Buenos Aires Sur. How crazy is that! i still remember opening that letter and finding out my future for the next two years. Those days when me and all of the guys were getting our mission calls were some of the best days ever. I am so greatful for all my brothers that are out there in every part of the world doing the same thing i am. Maybe a different language or climate but the same thing. I cant imagine a better way to use this last year of my life.

The work here sometimes is difficult. Things don´t always go smooth but then again things weren´t ever made to go smooth. I have grown to apreciate the little moments where you can feel that good feeling inside your chest, the spirit, telling you that what you are doing is good or helping somebody else. i couldnt really tell you anything crazy that happened this past week, just things that i have gained a greater appreciation for. When i had the opportunity to take the sacrament to an elderly couple i felt the spirit testify of how important it was and the love that the savior has for these brothers. Teaching somebody about the gift of repentance and how they could leave behind their past life and start fresh, i felt the spirit, helping the other missionaries when they are feeling down to remember why we were sent here, i felt the spirit. Little things that you could pass by if y

you arent paying attention. I know that when i was taking the sacrament to brothers and sisters in my ward before my mission i didnt take the time to realize what i was doing. Something for you guys to think about this week, Enjoy the little things. look for what you are greatful for and look for the little blessing that you have everyday. Try to feel the spirit when you feel down or lost and it will be there.

One thing im gratful for is the missionaries down here in La Costa with me. We always have fun and i can always look forward to Pdays and our meetings. we play volleyball, make BBQ wings and tacos, and just mess around and lighten up a little. Im glad i have the opportunity to serve with these elders and hermanas. Well i hope all is well with you back home! 

Elder Whitaker

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