Tuesday, December 16, 2014

"A little Christmas gift for me right there..."

Hola mi familia y mis amigos,

haha lo siento for not writing for a while. I have been super busy and I havent had time for the big letter. but this week i do. These last couple weeks have been awesome! 

well for starters yesterday we had a baptism which was super awesome. Ady has 27 years and two little kids. Her husband iwas a less active member but we started teaching them and she was able to be baptized yesterday! and now they are working towards the goal to get sealed in the temple for time and all eternity. Its super awesome!

We have also been working a lot with the youth. I hit it off really well with some of the youth here that are about my age or a little older. they have been teaching me soccer and stuff. They didnt really attend church too much before but recently they have been there every week. We had a family home evening with one of their families the other day and he told me that I had helped him recieve his answer that he needs to go on a mission. He said i remind him a lot of the elder that baptized him. It was a super cool experience about how God puts the right people in the right place. I didn´t even talk to him about going on a mission but from seeing mi forma de ser (i forgot how to say that in english, translate it) he got his answer. Im super stoked for him. there are also a couple others that want to go do visits with us now which is awesome!

Other good news. we were doing some contacts the otherday and i found a homie, juan from back home (almost), tiajuana mexico. and even better he has a taco stand! i was so excited because i havent had good mexican tacos in 14 months. so dope. us mexicans have to stick together.

also we had a sweet sone conference this week. It was way fun because they put two zones together. I had my good buddies and ex comps Elder Flake, Elder Granados, and Elder Bastias there with me so it was way fun to be with all of them. We had to do a chirstmas performance and i was the angel gabriel. I made my own costume and it was pretty legit for only having a box of book of mormons, tape, and some wire. I would send pics but it appears that my memory has some kind of virus so i dont know if i will be able to rescue those pics. 

Also talking with Elder Granados, my first comp down in La Costa, I found out that one of the guys that lived in a tent that we were teaching got baptized. He went up mto capital to right some wrongs to be fully repented and never came back but i found out that he came back about a month after i left and he was baptized and married! His new wife got baptized because of him too so that like 2 baptisms right there. I was super bummed that he never came back but now Im super hapy to know why! a little christmas gift for me right there!

well i hope all is well back home! I love you all!

Elder Whitaker

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