Tuesday, January 20, 2015

"We have met some very strange people...."

Hola mi familia y mis amigos!

It was a solid week in Romero. Im still adjusting but it has been a fun week. My new comp is a chileano that i knew from when i started the mission which is fun. Im also living with Elder Russo and Elder Stevenson. Elder Russo and i knew eachother a little before the mission and started at the same time so we are buddies from the MTC. Its way fun to be in a pench of 4. We have a good time.

This week we had 2 baptisms! I only helped with the finishing touches to prepare them for baptism but it is awesome to see people that are ready to follow the Lord. We also have found a couple people that have accepted the invitation to be baptized in this last week so we have some good people to work with.

We have ward sports activities every friday in romero. They were playing volleyball. At first i was taking it easy but the other team was laughing becuase they were winning and they thought i ddnt know how to play so i brought out my beach volleyball skillz andwas spiking it on all of them hahaha. it reminded me of the good times in newport with my brother trent spiking it on Mom when she was bragging about her volleyball skills. (haha i love you momma) 

An interesting thing about Romero is that right in the middle there is a big mental hospital. We have met some very strange people. They let some of them out of the hospital inbetween certain hours so sometimes they want to talk with us. I have already had some interesting experiences... 

well i hope you all have a good week! Happy Birthday to my little brother Trey! he´s turning 15. So crazy how fast time flies. I dont know if im down to see my little brother learning how to drive when i get back.

Elder Whitaker

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