Monday, July 13, 2015

"God is leading me to where he wants me to be...."

Hola mi familia y mis amigos!

Hows life? things down here are going great! I was in a lot of meetings this week because its the start of the new mission Buenos Aires East. OUr new mission president is super cool. He is pretty young. He has 2 of his kids living with him in the mission house. Its kinda cool being able to talk with them between meetings. 

This week really opened my eyes. Im seeing my mission from a different perspective now and im stoked to take advantage of these last 3 months. I ha ve some good goals of thing i want to get done before im back. The area is still kinda slow but we are working hard. I know that not everyone i talk with is going to let me teach them but i dont want to miss any opportunity. I guess from having time in the mission you see somebody and you automatically make a probability that they will be open to talk but i learned a big lesson this week.

we found a man that hasn`t gone to church for years. He lives in a place that looks like a cave and is still under construction. People had told us not to waste our time because he was always drinking but one day we found him and tried to set an appointment with him. He accepted but we were just thinking that it would fall through but we went anyways. To our suprise he was there. Entering i was still kind in doubt that he would be receptive but as i heard his story i grew to love him in those 30 minutes. Yes, he was off track but he had made the decision between going and drinking with his friends and staying home to talk with us. The next day he was in church with us! God is always looking out for everyone of us. We are all lost sheep in a way but how amazing is it that no matter where we stray He is always looking out for everyone of us and is slowly leading us back to Him. Thats what happened with this man and thats whats happeneing with everyone of us.

I have seen God`s hand in my life too, leading me closer to him. These last couple weeks have been tough but Im realizing that these events, just like the events that have happened in the life of this man we met i realize that God is leading me to where he wants me to be. I have learned some important things and am in the process of learning still. It will be great to see where heavenly father is going to take me.

Elder Whitaker

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