Monday, August 24, 2015

Hola mis amigos y mi familia,

Como les va? Everything is going well down here. I just began my last transfer so thats kinda weird but its like the scoreboard clock in a lacrosse game. I am in the 4th quarter with 3 minutes left on the clock to do something great.

we had a good week! to start it off with some of the adventures we had:

i got to help a family carry 5 dead lambs into their house so that they could cut it up and sell it to their neighbors so that was legit.

A family from peru down here made us serviche which is raw fish cooked with lemon juice and picante. the acid kills the bacteria so its safe to eat and its awesome!

We found some new investigators. The husband is from Ukrain and has a sick story. He doesnt read very well in spanish so we found him a book of mormon in russian so in the lessons we show him what to read in his russian book or mormon and then we talk about it after so the lessons are kinda cool.

I also had to go to the DMV of argentina for the documents that make me legal here with all of my buddies from the mission that finish with me so we had a good time seeing eachother after a while. it was the first time i enjoyed waiting in line in a government building.

well for some of the spiritual stuff:

We had a baptism! XXXX and XXXX  XXXXX were baptized this last saturday! It was so amazing! It was the first baptism in this ward this year. They have 3 kids that arent of age yet that will be raised in the gosple now too. It Is so cool to baptize a family. That is really what the gosple of Jesus Christ is about, making eternal families. They are so excited and so prepared. A cool story about them. They lived on the other side of La Plata next to my old area in romero but for reasons of safety they came to villa elvira. Elder McKean and I began teaching them before a month had passed of them living in their new house. Their house right now has a ton of problems so in 2 weeks they will be moving back to another house back where they lived before. They were sent here to villa elvira to get to know us so we could teach them and be baptized and now they are going back. God Works miracles.

We are working hard and doing our best to find people eve though it is a hard area and God is opening doors. Im grateful for his help. By ourselves, we arent anything special, but with God we are working miracles. Im grateful for all the help He has given me my whole mission. I only hope to keep being a good intstrument in His hands.

I hope you all have a good week!

Elder Whitaker

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