Monday, January 27, 2014

"Conmigo todo esta bien"

Hola mi familia y mis amigos!

como le va? conmigo todo esta bien. Villa Montoro wasnt that much of an oven this week and we had some super cool thunderstorms that would go on all night. My week was filled with all sorts of adventures that are normal in the life of a missionary in Buenos Aires Sur. I got spit on by some punk (good thing Im a representative of Jesus Christ because i know like 4 months ago i would have handled it so well), some dude was selling bows and aroows to cars passing by in the streets which were pretty sweet. I got to wait in the DMV of argentina to do my papers to live here and other adventures like that. 

It was a good week. Things have been going really well in our ward. We are finding people to teach we are making progress with people and helping people come closer to the savior. I have had a number of spiritual moments just thinking to myself what Im really doing down here and being able to see the spirit work through me and my companion. There have been a number of times this week when I am teaching a certain doctrine or bearing my testimony where i feel the spirit overwhelming my heart with an indescribable good feeling and i know that my words aren´t just my words but also the spirits because he is bearing witness unto the people i am teaching. I love the little moments like that where i know that im doing something good and making a difference.

I love see the way the spirit can bear witness to somebody. One of the important things that makes our message different than others is that we dont want people to just believe us. we want them to know for theirselves and they can make the decision. Yeah if i wanted i could persuade people why im right but God doesn´t work like that. If anybody wants wisdom, they can ask god and recieve it because god is a loving heavenly father and wants us to have the fulness of his gosple because with the fulness of the gosple we can have true happiness. I was teaching gustavo the other day and he just started telling us how he has been changed after attending church and the feelings he had when he took the sacrament. As a missionary im just here to invite people to come unto Christ and help them learn. It their job to learn and follow the path Christ has set for us. Seeing that has been awesome for me.

For me the thing i have been focusing on in my mission is just trying to become a tool in God´s hands so i can accomplish what he has for me to do here. There are two hymns that have become like a motto for me. "how firm a foundation" (especially verse 5) and "Savior, Redemmer of my Soul" (especially verse 3). It is a process but worth it. 

Well Im so greatfull for all of you and the letters. I love hearing about back home. Its weird that i have been gone almost 4 months. crazy stuff! well exito for all of you back home.

Con amor, Elder Whitaker

Also from a personal note he sent to me:

Hi momma! I love you! Im so happy everything is going well at home. I know the Lord will be blessing you while im away as long as im faithful and you guys are as well. I read this talk that was super awesome and i want you and dad to read it. Its by D. Todd Cristofferson from the january 2012 ensign. I read it in spanish so im not exactly sure what the title is in english but its something like "recognizing the hand of god in our daily blessing" Super good. Im doing good down here. A lot of good work and a lot of progress. the only thing that im sad about is that there is a chance that i will leave this area in 2 weeks and wont get to see the fruits of all my work. im praying to stay but its what the lord wants.  

Bueno, if you could tell all those people those things you would be the best mama ever ;) jk you already are. Well im happy you guys are happy and you are in my prayers. love ya big momma

Elder Whitaker

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