Monday, October 13, 2014

"I love being a missionary here in Kilometro 26!"

hola mi familia y mis amigos,

I was a great week. I love being a missionary here in Kilometro 26. It is the best here. We have so much work to do now. We are working well with "G". He is making a lot of progress and the best part is that he is super excited. He is always on us for when we can teach him next. I hope he can keep on going stong and overcome the obstacles. The lessons that we had this week that were awesome for him and for the others we taught was all about the atonement of Jesus Christ, and the gift we have to repent and be clean becuase of Christ´s sacrafice. They felt the spirit and so did I as we testified of the plan God has for us to return to him. The path has been laid for us by our savior, all we have to do is change our hearts and follow him. My favorite experience as a missionary is to be able to watch the change that happens in people as they learn what it really means that christ suffered for all of us and died for us. It has definitely changed my life and my point of view as i have been learning more, and i still have a lot to learn.

With all the contacts we have been doing they finally produced a couple of people to teach. We found a mom of 4 and one of her neighbors to teach. The only problem is that nobody in argentina is married and they all live together so they need to get married first.

The activities with the youth are going good. We are having a good turn out. I came out second again in ping pong. "G" is really good. I lost 27-29 so at least i went into overtime with him. From this activity we have started helping a less active kid come back to the church and in a lesson yesterday he told us he wants to serve a mission! I´m so stoked for him!

Well thats my week. Hopefully I will hear from more of you because as i realize that its been a year since i have heard from a ton of people and i have been bad about writng because i have only been writing my family and my buddies on the mission. Lo siento but send me letters hahaha que les vaya bien!

Elder Whitaker

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