Monday, October 6, 2014

"I'm so grateful I have the opportunity to be here and help him out...."

Hola mi familia y mis amigos!

This week was awesome! General conference was the best. It was so great to hear from the prophet and apostles. We also had a good week as far as the work. This week we started teaching a guy named "G". He is a stud! He is married to a member but never got baptized because he has some problems with addiction to drugs. He has been coming to some of our activities wen we play soccer and ping pong and the other day he asked to meet with us. When our appointment came around he was waiting for us with one of his daughters who is 9, and told us he wants to get baptized! we had a super awesome lesson about repentance and the doctrine of Christ. We focused on the atonement and how it can help us if we choose to come unto christ by repentance and baptism. He has 2 weeks without using drugs but he told us at the next appointment how the temptation was taking hold of him but then he remembered our lesson and the spirit he felt and refused. He is awesome and his daughter wants to get baptized too. He and his family can get sealed in the temple for time and all eternity and im so grateful I have the opportunity to be here to help him out. They came to general conference with us and watched. They got to hear the first conference talk given in spanish and it was perfect because the message was perfect for him. We felt the spirit really strong.

Hey one more thing, I would like to invite all of my family and friends who are following with my blog but aren´t of our faith to read this talk from the general conference this past weekend. It descibes perfectly why I am out here in argentina for these two years serving the people and teaching of Christ. Elder David A. Bednar of the twelve apostles descibes it perfectly and i want to invite all of you to read it even if its just for curiosity. Les prometo que es muy bueno!"

Well thats about all i have time for. I hope you are all doing well!

Elder Whitaker

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