Tuesday, October 28, 2014

"If I put Him first, all of the other things will fall into place..."

Hola mi familia y mis amigos!

Como estan todos? this last week was awesome! it was the last week of the transfer but we finished strong. We had 23 lessons this week which is super good for this area and for my other areas. In La Costa we worked our butts off to get 10 lessons a week. we have been seeing a lot of progress in the area and with the people we are teaching. We had 94 people in our branch this last sunday. it was a really good sunday because my first week in kilometro was 44 people. we have found like 7 new people to teach this last week. Some of them are in some complicated situations but we are trying to help all of them out. We had to move "G"´s baptism date back because he had a problem with drugs but he is still firm and wants to be baptized so hopefully he can be baptized the first of november. keep him in your prayers. 

We had some solid lessons this week and a theme that a lot of them had was about putting God first. A lot of people don´t even remember but the first commandment is not to have other gods before God (sorry if its not word perfect because i forgot how it is exactly in english). A lot of people have forgotten this commandment and why it is so important but we had some solid lessons about this. I was thinking the other day of all the blessings i have had in my life for putting God first. I could have waited a little to go on my mission because things were tough for my family, or a variety of other reasons that weren´t bad reasons, but it would have put God after my family or something else. I remember praying to know what i should do and i felt strongly that if i put Him first, all of the other things would fall into place. I followed that impression and waited a while for the blessing but I can promise you that they came and that I have been so blessed for that decision. Every prayer has been answered. Something to think about for you guys: "what can you guys do or change in your lives to put God first?" If you dont know, maybe you should ask Him.

Well I am staying in Km 23 but i have had a change of companions. I got assigned to train a new missionary! Im so stoked. I will get assigned to a new missionary tomorrow! it is going to be way fun! For now i get to stay with my buddy from La Costa Elder Merkley! We have been passing the P-day fun. I dont know if that makes sense in english but i think so. We are both going to be training and for now we get to be comps for the day. 

well thats all for this week. Have a good week todos!

Elder Whitaker

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