Tuesday, October 28, 2014

"We felt the spirit so strong and we taught in unity..."

Hola mi familia y mis amigos,

It was a super fun week but it was hotter than Africa. I got to start off the week waiting my new comp with one of my best buddies from the mission, Elder Merkley. Dang that was so awesome to be comps with him. We only had time to do contacts and teach a lesson together but dang, when we were teaching or doing contacts it went so well. We felt the spirit so strong and we taught in unity. We taught G and his family a simple lesson about our heavenly father and his love for us and there was a spirit in that house that was so strong. It really showed me how i want all of my companionshgips to be. 

Well I am now training the Elder Mamani, fresh from Peru, Arequipa. He is super chill. He is still getting the hang of being a missionary but he has the desires which is the most important part. Its the best to have a comp with desire to learn! We are going to have a lot of sucess together I think. 

Kinda sad but G had another relapse. He will have to wait another 2 weeks to get baptized. Please be praying for him. He wants to overcome his addictions so bad but after so many years his addiction has become a think chain. He will make it though. I have faith. We met a bunch of cool new people contacting and 4 of them turned into new people to teach so that is cool. In two weeks we should be having 2 baptisms so that will be aesome as well. We had 100 people in church the otherday which was the first time which was awesome! 

Working has been freaking hard because with all the humidity and the heat I feel like im cooking. it is the worst. California is hot but it is nothing compared to this. My poor comp who isnt used to walking like 10 miles a day is dying. haha the otherday a drunk was all mad at nothing and started cussing us out and threw his bottle at us. He missed but it got alcohol on my pants so it smelled bad. Fun expirience for my comp for his 3rd day in the mission haha. good stuff. Its funny how i have changed on the mission. Im not going to lie, before the mission i probably would have clocked him, but i was just super calm and only felt sad for him. 

Well thats my week. Have a good one.

Elder Whitaker
Ty's new companion

Elder Merkley & Ty

Ty's zone

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