Monday, June 1, 2015

Just because you are educated doesn't mean you are wise...

Hola mi familia y mis amigos,
We had a pretty good week. Im still adjusting to the new area but im starting to get into it.Its a hard area because there are a lot of wealthier people and educated people. Something I have learned, Just because you are eduacated doesn´t mean you are wise. Some of these supposedly learned people have the narrowest and most incorrect vision of life. I have met many simple people in my other areas that didn´t have more than an elementary education that understand so much more about life. It isnt always the case, because i have met many amazing people here as well, but I have been getting used to a new type of people.
We have been having to look a lot because there arent many people to teach but we have had some amazing fruits! We found a young family thats married (that NEVER happens) and we taught them about the restoration of Christ´s church there in their doorstep and the husband asked us what he has to do to be a missionary like us. We invited them to the ward activity that we had on saturday and they came and were in church on sunday! it was a miracle finding them.
Also there have been some days when nobody lets us in and we are in the last hour of work when we could have gone back to the pench to do some paper work or buy stuff for breakfast, but we decided to just walk around and doing that we met some promising people in the streets that hopefully we will be able to teach this week. It should be good.
Im having a good time out here. Its kinda weird because i have a comp that will be finishing the same day as Zak and Max. Its crazy that as my comp is getting ready for home some of my best buddies are as well. Its fun working with Elder McKean though.
Well have a good week yáll
Elder Whitaker

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