Monday, June 1, 2015

"There is nothing more precious than peace of conscience that comes from coming unto Christ".

Hola mi familia y mis amigos,

Hows it going? Happy Mothers day to all you moms out there. It was way fun to talk with my family again after so long. Weird that the next time you see me will be when i get off the plane. This last week was amazing! It was a little stressful but very gratifying. 

The Lord has been opening doors for us and helping us so much! The adversary tries to put everything he can between the people we are teaching and baptism but the people I have come to love keep going on strong! 

Eliana was baptized yesterday! she was going to be baptized last week but she got sick, but this week she was good for her baptism. It was an awesome baptisimal service. There was a lot of support from the ward and all of her family came. We have been teaching her brother as well but the rest of the family always kept their distance but them being there yesterday was a huge step for them which went really well.

Sofia also was going to be baptized yesterday but she has an aunt that is a jehovas witness that obligated her to go to a convention in Buenos Aires. It was a bummer when we found that out at the beginning of the week but we had some really good lessons with her and i dont have any doubt that she is going to get baptized this saturday. Also with all this we began teaching the rest of her family so hopefully we can help them as well.

We had an awesome lesson with Maribel. She is an old investigator that we recently were able to start teaching again. She had stopped listening to the elders because in a month her brother and two uncles died and she stopped believing. When we started teaching her again we assumed she already had a testimony of the book of mormon because she read a ton of it and is always reading but fwe felt promted to ask her if she knew that it was true. It was a perfect question because she had assumed that the deaths of her uncles and brother were signs from God that she was doing somehing bad, even though she told us she feels an undescribable feeling everytime she reads. We were able to help her understand her answer and now she is super solid. we only have to help her get married.

Elder DeYoung and I have been having a great time out here. We have been having ping pong fridays, where we go to the church and play ping pong during exercise time. Its pretty fun because we almost always go into overtime. Its been getting pretty cold down here so i hope you guys are enjoying the warmth.

spiritual thought: 2 Nephi 33:6

 glory in plainnessglory in truth; glory in my Jesus,for he hath redeemed my soul from hell.

Of all the things that I teach as a missionary the most important is testify that Jesus is the Christ. I am personally grateful for the debt he paid to free me from my sins and from death. There is nothing more precious to me than my testimony of Christ and the knowledge I have that for following Him I can be redeemed. There is nothing more precious than peace of conscience that comes from coming unto Christ.

Elder Whitaker

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