Monday, September 28, 2015

"I can't describe the feeling I have right now....My heart is torn...."

Hola mi familia y mis amigos,

Well It has been a good week. Since the mission conference that we had last week I made the goal to commit somebody to read the Book of Mormon in a contact in the street everyday for the rest of my mission and I have been doing it. We have seen some miracles and for an area that haves't had new investigators for a while.  We had 5 new people to teach this last week with another couple that we have appointments with for this next week. Im glad to say that I am finishing strong. The other day in sacrament meeting I was praying and talking with God about my mission and I felt a peace come over me, like my heavenly father was telling me that He is proud of me and accepts my work i have done here.

I don´t even know what to say. I cant believe this is my last week and my last letter home. I cant describe the feeling
This sweet little family made a Ty a "going away" cake.  

I have right now. My heart is torn and I will never had my heart together in one place again. I have loved seriving as a missionary of the true and restored Church of Jesus Christ. On my mission I have really come to know Him Jesus Christ). The only way you can come to know him is through serving Him and that is what I am doing. I´m so grateful for the change that He has made in me. I have found who I am serving, my brothers and sisters here in Argentina. I have enjoyed bearing my testimony to everyone of the truth that I know by the power of the holy spirit. I want everyone to know that I know that this message is true. The reason I desire that is because my life has been so blessed and i know it has the power to change anybody´s life. It isn´t a message to destroy the faith of others, it is a message that builds upon what we already have. God still speaks to his children, personally throught prayer, and to all his children though living prophets and apostles. It is a message of love, that God loves us way too much to leave us alone on this world. It is a message of hope, hope that we can change and return to our Father´s presence. It is a message of love, That Christ loved and loves us enough to die for us and because of that we can feel his love everyday. It is a love that is stonger than death, adversity, trials, and sorrow. I am so grateful that I have felt this love and that I have been able to convey this love to my brothers and sisters here. I love them so much. I am so grateful for the Gosple of Jesus Chirst. I am happy because of Him. 

Ty & some of his companions
Well this is it. I have finished this mission, but I know God has more in store for me. I´m excited to see you all again. Im grateful for all the sacrafices that many of you have done to help me be out here. I thank you all and I know that the people here would thank you as well. Im grateful for all the support I have recieved from you all. Im grateful to have such an amazing family. Being away two years really makes you realize how great your family is.  I love you all. See you all next week.

Love, Elder Whitaker

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