Monday, January 13, 2014

"A lot has changed for me...."

Hola mi Familia y mis Amigos,

This week was awesome. A lot has changed for me and I feel like my mission is changing as well as I come to better understand what I need to do here. The other week my Dad asked me to write more about how my investigators are doing and what kind of expiriences I have had watching the gosple change their lives. This question really made me think. Yeah I was busy. We were teaching and finding all the time, but as I thought, I really hadn´t been seeing the gosple changing lives. I thought to myself, " well, theres nothing wrong with the gosple, so there must be something wrong with the way I´m doing it." As i kept that in my mind, this week was awesome. 

One of the things that has changed is that now we have half opf our old area and because of that we have twice the amount of time to focus on people. With that time to really focus in and help people with our teaching instead of just teaching everybody the same thing because we are to busy to focus on helping them I have seen a huge difference. Now we are really planning on teaching things that will help our investigators overcome their trials in life, and feel closer to God and their Savior. 

We have one investigator, Mari, who we were about to stop passing by her becuase she wasn´t progressing at all. She was actually the very first person I gave a book of mormon to on my second day, in the worst spanish ever. Everytime she starts to feel the spirit something bad has always happened to her and made her fall back to where she was. She has a lot of hard things in her life. Well anyways, this was going to be our last lesson with her so we were just going to go in there and teach the importance of faith, and how faith really isn´t faith unless you act on it. During that lesson the spirit was so strong. She changed from being hardened by her expiriences to being open to the gosple of Jesus Christ. In that lesson we ended up commiting her to be baptized on the 8th of February. One of her main problems is that she would never gop to church. She says she loves the spirit she feels their but she lives a couple miles from the church and the only way for her to get there is to walk. So we went there a couple days ago and taught her again, with the spirit. During the lesson i had scriptures and thought come to my mind that i hadn´t even thought of sharing with her. Elder Carvallo said that when I testified of the doctrine, I did it in perfect castellano, which is a miracle right there. To say the least it has been amazing how the doctrines of faith and repentance have changed a woman hardened by her trials into someone with hope that feels the love of God. We had some other good lessons as well that have really come from following the promptings of the spirit.

Also we have been doing more to work with the ward. Last friday we taught a bunch of the guys from the barrio how to play basketball and we played with them. Its so funny because thay are all super cordinated with their feet but they never learned how to use their hands so to say the least it was interesting. then to make things fair we played futbol after and they are insane hahaha. One of the kids that is like 8 is way better than me. I just play goalie haha. 

Well it has been a good week down here on the other side of the world. Its super hot everyday and then there are thunder storms most of the nights which is pretty sweet. I hope everyone is well. Feel free to shoot me a Dear Elder or a letter so i can know how life is with all of you back home. hope all is well.

con amor, Elder Tyler Whitaker

Ty sleeps on top bunk at home & on mission! (and still doesn't clean room, or make his bed!!)

Ty says "the bidet" is better than t.p
This pension is one of the nicer places he will stay.

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