Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"Another awesome week in Argentina!"

Hola mi familia y mis amigos!

Another awesome week in Argentina! It was super hot but awesome. Two days ago it was 42 C which im not exactly sure what that is in farenheit but it felt like 110 with humidity. As my friend Elder Beckett would say, " Its hotter than Satan{s steakhouse down here!"  It was one of those weeks that was really hard but we also saw fruits from our work.

We have been changing up the way we are working in our ward and because of that we are teaching a lot more people but also the down side is that our appointments are a lot less sure so there were some days where the odds just werent in our favor and a bunch of our citas would fall through, which left us walking all day in the super hotness. Also the other two guys in our ward have the bikes until we get 4 bikes. Hopefully that will be next week. Vamos a ver. 

But the good news is that when did get in to teach, the lessons went really well. Mari, the lady I was talking about in my letter last week is progressing super fast. You can literally see the happiness the gosple is bringing to her life. She doesn{t cry during the lessons anymore and  is always smiling. She feels the spirit so strongly. We had some really good lessons with her and she came to the ward family home evening with us. She has also gone to church with us the past two weeks.

 Also we have Gustavo who is pretty much an argentina version of morgan freeman. He is a man in his 60s that is a stud. He is a really good guy and has a lot of questions. He went to church with us last week, and it wsa the first time he had ever been in a church. He told us that he felt something really good " here and here" pointing to his head and his heart. I think as members of th church we take for granted the spiritual expirience church can be. I have seen in the lives of Mari and Gustavo how they have been deeply effected by the feelings they have while in church with us. For me it has been awesome to really ponder the feeling i have at church and realize what a blessing we have. Well anyways with Gustavo, yesterday he came to church again and he brought his girl friend. They both loved it again. After Church we had a cita (appointment) with gustavo to teach him again. We were going to teach abouth the plan of salvation. Instead of finishing the whole lesson we focused in on how we were sent to this earth to learn and be happy, and that the way to have true happiness is through following the teachings of Jesus Christ. I invited him to be baptized and he said yes. He is going to be baptized on the 25th of February!

Apart from the joy of seeing the gosple change lives I have been having fun. Living with Elder Carvallo, Elder Peterson, and Elder Myers is so fun! All of them are studs. I could stay in villa montoro with these guys my whole mission, but i know i will have to leave eventually. It will be a sad day when it happens though! They are just cool guys and we can joke around a lot and between the two companionships we have some funny stories. Yesterday  there was a hermana that thought there were spirits in her house and she wanted the help of Peterson and Myers, just stuff like that. Well Im about out of time but Life is great, argentina is great, and the message i am here sharing is great! I love you all and keep writing!

Elder Tyler Whitaker

No idea why Ty is sending me this picture of a ward members pet, when I only want pictures of him!!!!!!!

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