Monday, January 6, 2014

"I am now in my 'black year'..."

Ty & Elder Altamirano from Chile

Hola mi familia y mis amigos!

Happy 2014. Its crazy to think of all the things that happened in 2013 and where I started the year and where i finished. I am now in my "black year" or the year where i will be a missionary for the whole time! pretty crazy no? I´m super excited and hopefully we will have a lot of sucess this year.

There have been a lot of changes this week. One change is that I am living with an elder from chile which is different but he is a good guy. He has a totally different style of working than my other companion but i think we will see some sucess here in Villa Montoro. In the middle of the week we got Elder Myers and Elder Peterson who are both studs (and american) but their spanish is pretty good so we still speak mostly spanish in the pench which is good because with Elder Siler we didn´t so my spanish has been getting a lot better. I am the only one with time in the area so the first couple days i kinda had to run the area which was kinda intimidating for only having 6 weeks in the mission but all is going well. The only thing bad is that the other two have our bikes so we have to walk a lot which wastes time we could be working but overall we are getting a lot more work done and i hope pretty soon we will be seeing some fruits. Its kinda difficult that everybody is living together with out being married, which you cant have if a person is going to get baptized because wright now we have Lorena, and Juan y Ricarda that could get baptized if they were married. A lopt of this week we have been working with members to try to bring the ward together and help us as missionaries. It is super difficult for somebody to go to church without knowing anybody except to kids from a different country. Hopefully we can get that going and really get this ward going.

New years eve and New years we just stayed in the pench because we couldn´t work. It was super nice to have a time to re energize. My comp knows how to make pizza so we did that and i enjoyed alos the delicacy of a peanut butter and honey sandwich (thanks mom and dad, peanut butter was my favorite christmas present). In the night it was pretty sweet because it sounded like we were in a warzone with all the makeshift fireworks going off everywhere but i slept like a baby like i do every night of my mission but i guess my comp couldn´t sleep till like 3. Sadly i didnt get to see the burning of the 10 ft minions.

with 3 new guys in the pench everything is way different but it is a lot of fun. We still all work super hard but there is a sense of fun that goes with it because the other guys are super cool. We have a good time together while serving the lord con todo nuestros corazones, almas, mentes, y fuerzas. Its pretty legit.

Well right now we are in a transition period but hopefully we will have some sucess with our new changes! I love and miss you all! Nos vemos amigos

Elder Tyler Whitaker
A map of Ty's area- Villa Montoro

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